Conservation Consultants

1) Historic Landscape and Conservation Consultants

If or when the time comes to consider how best to restore a historic garden or landscape, it is strongly advisable to consult a specialist like the ones in this list.

Natural England

Natural Ebgland is a Government advisory body on the natural environment.
ACTA,  Robertsbridge, East Sussex

ACTA is an independent consultancy established in 2002 to provide high-quality services in heritage, landscape design, landscape management and ecology for private clients, local authorities and national bodies such as English Heritage and the National Trust.   They supervised the major restoration project at Dunorlan Park, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
Allen Scott   Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Allen Scott are landscape architects who specialise in Urban Design and Environmental Assessment, and were involved with the restoration at Worth Park / Milton Mount, Crawley, Sussex.
The Colson Stone Partnership, Taunton, Somerset

Landscape Architects who were responsible for the restoration project at Wotton House, Dorking, Surrey.
Sarah Couch Historic Landscapes, Eynsham, Oxfordshire

Historic landscape and conservation management planning, feasibility studies, building surveys and analysis etc.
Enplan, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Enplan is a multi-disciplinary practice of planners, landscape architects and environmental consultants.   They manage development projects through from inception to implementation and completion, and were involved with the major Pulham restoration project at Dunorlan Park, in Tunbridge Wells.
Glevum Consulting,  Sevenoaks, Kent 

Project Consultants specialising in heritage, culture and sustainability projects.   Involved with the restoration of Worth Park / Milton Mount, Crawley, Sussex.
Harper Landscape Architecture, Hastings, East Sussex.

Provider of all landscape services, including those related to heritage, ecology,sustainability, and quality of life.
Hilary Tayolr Landscape Associates Ltd, Nottingham.

Specialist historic landscape consultants, landscape architects and environmental consultants.   Monitored the Heritage Lottery Fund restoration project at Belle Vue Park, Newport.
Land Use Consultants, London, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh.

Specialists in environmental assessment and planning, historic landscapes, ecology, landscape planning and design etc.   Involved with restoration of Ross Hall Park, Glasgow.
Portus + Whitton, Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Specialists in garden and landscape design, and the research and restoration of historic landscapes.

2) Specialists in the Preservation of Historic Buildings

P J Livesey Group, Manchester

Restoration specialists of historic buildings to conform to recognised standards etc. Involved in the restoration of Bedwell Park, Hertfordshire.
Simon Swann Associates, Beccles, Suffolk.

Specialist Consultants in the preservation of historic buildings, stonework, sculpture and historic decorative surfaces. Has produced conservation reports on Pulhamite for English Heritage and a number of major Pulham sites.

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