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4 thoughts on “Book Shop

  1. Stunning photography of beautifyfull places. The Pelham stone has stood the test of time. I have already put my details with Claude Hitching to purchase a copy.

  2. Have put this book on my Birthday list. I have been in awe of the amazing structures built with this ‘rock’ since I visited Madresfield Hall Worcestershire some years ago. Looking forward to a good read.

  3. I’d just like to say thank you for the book Rock Landscapes – The Pulham Legacy. I’ve enjoyed reading it so much & feel the balance of text & illustrations just right.
    On the subject of Pulhams & their work there are a few sites I’ve visited that display Pulhamesque type of work & wonder if you checked these out. Ascott, the NT property near Wing in Buckinghamshire, Wrest Park, the EH property at Silsoe in Bedfordshire & Dyffrn, the NT property at St Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan. Also in private hands but a possible site is Park Place, near Henley-on-Thames (the property is actually in Berkshire)

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